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About Asia Africa Trade Relation

The Asia Africa B2B Virtual Trade Expo 2021 has become an example of visionary approach of the Asian and African market to investment promotion and advancement of economic and social development between both continents. The Asia Africa B2B Virtual Trade Expo 2021 provides enormous prospects to display its strengths, progressive stand, initiatives taken to improve import- export, invest, friendly climate, trade relations and art & culture between Asia & Africa. The key areas of development identified include Youth and Women Empowerment, Sustainability, and Innovation. These major areas will permeate through various activities and events to be organized under the aegis of Asia Africa B2B Virtual Trade Expo 2021.

In the run up to the Asia Africa B2B Virtual Trade Expo 2021, it has planned a number of events in the form of seminars, conventions, panel discussions, lecture series, exhibitions, business meets and other innovative forums for discussions, brainstorming sessions and interactions.

The events are being planned to reach out to a larger audience and provide a common platform to think-tanks, academia, industrialists and associations to analyse and suggest avenues for Asia – Africa to take leadership roles especially in the field of international Trade.

The Country India, known as the Growth Engine of Asia, is now moving towards leadership in International Trade with exporting finished products across the world.

Asia Africa B2B Virtual Trade Expo 2021 is going to be transformational and revolutionary – both in its coverage and scale. It will provide a platform for all countries of Asia & Africa to cooperate and explore attractive business opportunities.

Keep visiting this space for new updates on the events being organized in the near future under the Asia Africa Trade Expo. We welcome you to join us in the glorious growth story of Asia – Africa Trade Relation.